Your business is unique and My.N

allows you to reflect this

The fact that your business is unique keeps you from becoming a commodity in the marketplace. It is what keeps you from competing strictly on price and in many cases, helps you to hold your margins.

Maintaining and building on those unique elements, people value is a prized part of your business strategy and My.N has the flexibility to help you build and strengthen those elements in three very different ways:-

1) Building blocks for Business: The standard My.N architecture consists of a large set of separate 'building blocks' which can be assembled or broken up as needed to provide the exact suite of features required by your users. The simple Administrator Management System makes this process very straightforward and manageable by an individual user or group of users.

2) Flexible Browsing of Information: OpenDoor allows you to specify and build your own browse screens within the interface for drilling into data. This allows you to display the data you need at the point you need it.

3) Customizable at runtime by the user: This allows individual user menus, screen layouts and even system functions to be tailored to suit the environment the system is operating in.  All changes made by the user are supportable and are made at a level within the application which means that the accounting engine is always protected.

4) Dual Interface; Outlook and Windows: More and more people are switching their applications to an Outlook Style interface. Like most fashions, some people like it and some people don't. Our solution is to provide you with an application that gives you both interfaces as standard, allowing you to choose which you want to run.




Hot to customize menus
Menu Customization

Dual interface option
Dual Interface



Customizing user forms

Moving to .Net presented our developers with a number of opportunities, the most important of which is a feature called Reflection. 

What this allows us to do is to write one generic form and for this form to be given different personalities.  

Screen customizations
Screen Customization

These personalities are controlled by a base object and each form is associated with a different base object. The base object holds a complete list of properties, or user fields, a form can have and this list is provided as selectable, or removable options. This allows a form to be 'tuned' to a user requirement.

What is actually displayed when a form is opened is controlled by a simple XML file. This file is automatically updated with any changes a user makes and allows the system to regenerate the form when it is re-used.

Although the options available on a given form are controlled by its base object, what is displayed is controlled by you.