Managing one of your biggest

assets, efficiently

If you think about it for a second, stock is simply another form of money.

So we think that being able to let you know what has happened to your stock in the same way we can let you know what has happened to your money is a good thing for you.

We achieve this by providing a tightly integrated, real time processing system. As you process, we make sure that the stock system is always up to date and in balance with the general ledger and that each and every stock movement is recorded. This allows you to get a breakdown of all movements at any point in time and generate a full stock movement report on any item of stock.

Providing up-to-the-minute, accurate information is the essential pre-requisite for proper business management and effective customer service. This allows your customers to be given accurate information.

Stock allocation and stock availability figures are automatically managed by the system at the point a customer places an order. As sales orders are completed, orders available for despatch appear on the Despatch screen and they are available for picking and despatch.

Stock receipts for items on back order are automatically allocated to existing orders on a FIFO basis. It follows that the newly allocated lines are added to the Despatch screen for picking and despatch.

All highly automated and efficient.

Other features within the system include:-

  • Real time stock system
  • Actual Stock Valuations
  • Multiple stock locations and stock types
  • Serial & Batch Tracking
  • Stock factoring (buy in cases sell in singles)
  • Cases fractions as items (10.1 = 10 cases + 1 bottle)
  • Multi-level stock pricing matrices
  • Integrated BOM and Works Orders processing
  • Consignment & Loan stock
  • Back-to-Back ordering
  • Landed Costs
Some more standard features of the stock system

Stock is valued on an actual cost basis, with a calculated average cost also being held for reporting purposes. This calculated average is updated with every stock movement in or out.

Stock can be priced separately in foreign currencies and also by the case. A wide variety of pricing options at various levels enables almost any customer pricing policy to be implemented.

You can set up any number of depots for stock kept in separate locations. Stock types are used to segregate stock into 'ring-fenced' categories.

Both 'stock tracked' and 'service item' stock items are supported. Stock tracked items hold a value and contribute to the stock value in the balance sheet, whereas service items have no value for accounting purposes.

Stock may be reserved for a particular customer. Orders for that customer will automatically use the reserve. Customer stock codes may be stored and printed on invoices.

Stock items that are commonly sold as options, such as colours or sizes are available, with up to three separate options being applicable to any one stock item.

Need Job Costing?

Allowing you to work out exactly what jobs and projects costs you, My.N provides you with a Job and Project Management system fully integrated with the stock and financial systems. Click here to find out more.

Making Something?

If you need actual costings, traceability through all levels of manufacture and real time accounting, My.N's integrated works order system will do the job for you.

Need to cost imported stock?

You have a choice of two methods for rolling importation costs into the value of your stock. Both ensure that you value your stock more accurately so you don't pay sales commission on unearned profits!

Consignment and loan stock

Losing stock sent to customers on loan or consignment can cost you plenty when you inevitably forget who has what!

If you track who sent it, who has it and how much it is worth, you keep things under the same tight control you keep your cash.

By utilising My.N's Loan and Consignment Stock system, distribution, tracking and accounting for this part of your business has just become a whole heap easier.

Visibility is maintained by customer, stock code and sales person with the accounting being looked after automatically.

New features from My.N and the all NEW Net Business Framework.