Delivering what you need, when

you need it

You know that it is both cheaper and easier to keep existing customers than to gain new ones.

Like you, customers like to be given accurate information and they like promises to be kept. So an organization wanting to increase revenue from its existing customers needs to have a good information infrastructure, providing accurate information and forecasts of product availability.

It is your sales people who have the most contact with customers and are most likely to have to deliver for the customer and it is here that you will find a great deal of functionality.

"The most important source of revenue for the majority of businesses comes from existing customers. Providing a solution that protects and grows this part of a business means we deliver something of real value."
Jonathan Harris, Sales Director

For sales people, having the complete history of a client's trading can make the difference between pitching the right product and price and being history. Being able to view previous orders in detail gives the ability to make better informed choices and to get it right.

We have concentrated on delivering a product that meets their needs in this area, providing a platform that gives them every chance to perform.



Sales Options


Click here for screen demo of Sales Order Processing
Sales Order (1)

Dual Interfaces: standard Windows or Outlook style

As standard, My.N is supplied to you with the option of operating in a standard Windows environment or in an Outlook style environment.

Whichever you prefer, you can configure the menu options and the screens to suit your role within the business.

Dual interface demo
Dual Interface

Quotations and Pro-Forma Invoices

My.N allows you to build quotations quickly and easily and print them as both quotations and pro-forma invoices.

The quotations and pro-forma invoices are stored and a detailed reporting facility allows the documents to be retrieved and analysed then when a quote becomes an order, you can create a sales order or invoice directly from the quotation.

If the quote was for a new customer, My.N will use the details on the quote to automatically create a sales ledger account for that customer.

'Now' Information

Accountants tend to look at data historically so our reporting structure is ideal for them.

Sales people have to make decisions now so getting last week's report is a waste of time.

They need 'live' information to help them come to the right decision for you and the customer each and every time.

The all new telesales screen reflects this environment and provides information in real time, updating stock levels, costs and profitability as things develop.

To view the screens in action, watch the Sales Order (1) Viewlet on the left.

Options at Ordering

As you know, customers' requirements are not always that straightforward.

This means that your sales people need to have a range of options available to them at point of order.

Some of the options your sales people will have include:-

Ex-Stock - Set as the default option, the system automatically manages the allocation and despatch process for you.

Advanced Options at Slaes Order Screen Demo
Sales Order (2)

Spread despatch - Allows the system to manage the despatch of a single order line for multiple quantities, across a number of days, weeks or months.

Pre-Pick - Allows stock to be picked at point of order. This is of value when stock is short, batched stock needs to be controlled or the customer needs prior notice of serial numbers.

Manufacture to Order - Automatically generates a works order on completion of a sales order. There is an additional option for those who have multiple level bills of materials. This automatically creates cascading works orders from the point of order.

Back to Back Direct - Automatically raises a purchase order instructing the supplier to ship the goods direct to the customer. In addition, on notification of the despatch of the goods, the system automatically invoices the customer.

Back to Back via Stores - Automatically raises a purchase order which is received into stock as pre-allocated stock.

Managed Allocation - Flags the line item to be added to an automatically generated, draft purchase order. A single purchase order can have lines from multiple sales orders and each line item is flagged back to the originating sales order.