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A Brief History

My.N and the .Net Business Framework is the third generation of the original accounting engine.

The original application was developed by Ian Richards in 1992. Called OPAC2 after its dual design goals of providing Order Processing and ACcounts and OPen ACcess.

Even then, it was recognised that a successful package had to readily lend itself to customisation and tailoring so that it could be easily adapted to meet the specific requirements of any company.

The key to this was the release of a new product from Microsoft, Visual Basic. This provided the means to develop applications quickly, and had sufficient depth to serve as a development platform for producing a commercial software package.

2000 saw the next development of the application when Accounting Office Version 2 was released.

This application was developed as a Visual Basic for Applications (VBA) program. This provided user level integration and customisation as if the package were part of Microsoft's suite of Office applications. It was seen as an extension to Microsoft Office and the name was chosen to reflect this link.

My.N was released in 2006 with our customers in mind which has taken user configuration to a new level.