Information is the most powerful

business tool you have

Whatever the size of your organisation, My.N offers you a clear, highly flexible and integrated approach to managing your business.

Based on Microsoft SQL Server, the underlying database gives you unparalleled reliability and data integrity PLUS  the tools to scrutinize large volumes of data, recognise and predict trends within your customer base and to keep on top of what is happening within your business.

In an age where information is probably the most powerful business tool you have, My.N has been designed to maintain a complete record of all of your transactions and to present this information to you and your colleagues when it is most needed.

This has real benefits for the sales, administration and accounts departments.

For the administrative departments it quite simply means that all the information needed to deal with queries is available on line, which means that your service levels will increase while making less effort.

And for the accounts people, analysing the information in the ledger becomes straight forward as the full wealth of detail is available, making virtually any analysis that you can think of possible.

My.N gives you better performance, greater scalability and more flexibility.


OpenDoor - A report writer that doubles as a browser

OpenDoor is a key element of the .NET Business Framework which has been developed alongside My.N. It has a dual purpose. 

Firstly it provides you with a single platform for producing all of your management reports, commercial stationery and documentation. All OpenDoor reports are user editable and can be exported to Word, RTF or PDF files.

Secondly, OpenDoor has a special ‘Browsing’ mode.This gives you the capability for drilling down into data on any part of the system and seeing what lies behind the answers it is giving you.

Each browse screen is editable. This means OpenDoor can be used to create sequences of screens that allow you to drill deeper and sideways into data.

It is also possible to link back into My.N from OpenDoor meaning you can link processes, automate work flows and build in efficiencies.

A system that allows you to display the information you want

For those of you who don't know, a Grid is a utility that gives structure to your rows and columns of data.

Grids have a significant effect on the usability of any software package so to make things as good as we could for you, we have developed our own .... from scratch.

My.N Grids have special properties. These make it possible for you to change the type of data displayed on a form and export data to .csv files or directly into Excel.

So, if you need to show vat inc. pricing with line discounts and at cost prices, it's easy!

A few reasons to buy

Here goes ....

1) At its core, My.N is a highly functional business management system that provides you with a massive range of functional tools allowing you to manage your business.

2) The Net Business Framework is a highly developed set of software tools which is constantly evolving and growing. They create a structure that helps you to grow and prosper.

3) When you make the decision to buy My.N, you get a direct link to the developer of the software; us.

We know the product, we understand the technology and we have implemented in hundreds of companies. A BIG addition to this is that you can call us and talk to us ... and if we can, we will do something.

What this means to you is that when you have a problem with your business that we can help with, we will listen and be able to act.

4) As you will read and see, the system is one of the most highly configurable systems available to you.

This puts you in control and brings big advantages in terms of usability, efficiencies and savings.

Choice of SQL platform

My.N will run on Microsoft SQL Express, Microsoft's royalty free desktop database engine and on the standard version of SQL Server.

SQL Server Express is a great option for installations where up front budgets are restrictive and where you are within the licensing conditions Microsoft impose.


The nature of Microsoft SQL means that the package is scalable; from a single user PC right up to an enterprise wide deployment utilising and existing  SQL infrastructure.