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Whatever the size of your organisation, My.N offers you a clear, highly flexible and integrated approach to managing your business. It gives you the right balance between benefits for your organisation today and the needs of your business tomorrow.

“We always remember that our clients are in business to make profits, and our first objective is to produce accounting software to support this."
Ian Richards - Development Director

My.N is a completely customizable business management system and accounting software which can be tailored to fit you and the way your business works.

Based on a real time processing model, it gives you detailed, accurate information and fast, reliable processing. It is a software package which makes the whole accounting and business process very easy.


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VARs and Developers

You can run My.N in a single document interface. This allows you to call our forms from your application as if they were yours.

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Where did the name My.N come from? Ian Richards explains

We originally thought that the move from our second generation Visual Basic accounting software product to .Net was simply going to be a conversion.  The realisation, as we got more and more into it, was that the job was not a conversion, but a complete rewrite.

The name of the product, My.N, (which is pronounced MINE) evolved as the package developed. This came about because the system is so configurable.

The fields that are displayed on each user form and their layout can all be controlled at runtime by the user. Even each menu and its structure can be managed and users are provided with a choice of two interface styles; standard Windows and Outlook style.

During the development process, the ability to personalise either interface meant that our testers became very attached to how they had laid out their own interface. They actually became quite possessive about them. If we ever changed anything we were always told, "You can't do that to mine." From there, the name just stuck.

Once the marketing people got hold of the thread, there was no turning back!

Wanting to incorporate this personal element to the name, and needing to reflect on the almost exclusive use of Microsoft's .Net technology, the name My.N was coined.

What is NBF?

The Net Business Framework is a series of technologies which link together to form a structure supporting the processes within your business. The framework insulates you from the technical issues and simply allows you to benefit from what the technology delivers.

The underlying set of software tools supports local customization at runtime of the user interface and allows you to link processes and workflows.

This delivers efficiencies, savings and allows you to run your business in the way that suits you best.

My.N is designed with managing your business in mind.

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Where you see this icon, you can look at the features available within the accounting software using a screen viewlet.

Viewlets are Flash animations and they display the accounting software in action.

A complete list of all of the Viewlets available can be found on this page. (Click here)

Solutions for Industry

Small changes to single forms can tailor a package with the scope of My.N to your business very effectively.

This simply extends the functionality of the application whilst maintaining the integration of the system with the core accounting engine.

The following are examples already in use:-

Cascading Discounts: Applies four levels of discount sequentially to a retail price.

Pre-Allocation: In use in carpet manufacturing and allows sales to make sure that the carpet supplied to a customer is all from one colour batch.

Landed Costs: Provides a purchase ordering system for importers that capitalizes the cost of stock acquisition into the value of the stock.

Spread Despatches: Allows a single order line to be scheduled for despatch by day, week or month.

Picking serial numbers in blocks: Developed for the phone card industry and allows large quantities of serialised stock to be picked in blocks.

The comprehensive features within My.N and the all NEW Net Business Framework allows us to provide superb special features and a GREAT solution for you.